Hayley Larsen

Hayley Larsen

Career Focused Virtual Scribes | Colleague since November 2020

General Internal Medicine with a focus on breast diagnostics.

It was a little hectic, as I was onboarding right during the holidays. I ended up shadowing someone new every day due to limited provider availability, but I feel this helped give me more experiences and provided me with several ways to scribe and take notes. I was able to use all this info to find what worked best for me.

I love how communicative and inclusive everyone is. Even though we are remote, I don’t ever feel alone. There is ALWAYS someone available to help when needed.

I was most surprised by how new the company is, and how quickly they are growing.

I get to hear about very interesting people and diagnosis. I feel like I am always learning something new. Plus, my provider is extremely kind, and takes an interest in my personal life as well. I feel like we are becoming friends.

I would say “This company is a great way to get medical experience, and the people here are so kind”.  I would also warn another candidate that the schedules may not be set, and to expect to double check their schedules often. Also, that they should be aware that they need to take action and study a lot during training, as the training only covers a portion of what you will be scribing day to day.

Honestly, my own backyard. My husband and I live in rural Eastern Utah and we have access to several national parks and the San Rafael Desert. Not to mention my literal backyard houses deer, hawks, and one super cute chunky squirrel.

Aside from the typical things like my first home and paying off debt, I would love to buy/adopt a parrot or conure. I’ve been yearning for a feathery friend for almost 7 years, and it’s one of the only types of animals I’m not allergic to.

Anything related to dance! I’ve been dancing for years and was a part of my high school dance company and college dance team. I also enjoy aerial arts such as lyra hoop, trapeze, and aerial silks.

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